Loll Designs Racer Rocker RC RR LG On the fast track in life Relax at the next pit stop with the Loll Designs Racer Rocker. Designed to let the engines cool wherever they need to, the Racer Rocker features a low to the ground design and handles that make transporting the rocker easier than switching gears. Also has an open storage trunk in the back. Color Leaf Green. $595.00

Question is what is the best option for a rock racer and why? Next rc is a rock racer.

Brand and price to a point does not matter Ive been leaning towards the twin hammers. Several options exist for creating a rock racer. I have crawlers bashers on road off road road trucks cars etc.

Available in seven colors.

A rock racer typically is built to run faster and over more than just rocks but still crawl well. Best option for a rock racer and why? It's made of 100 recycled HDPE plastic and each one is the equivalent of milk jugs. Not matter Ive been leaning towards the twin hammers.

You can take an AX10 based and change out the chassis to get the desired effect there is also the GMade R1 buggy and the newest is the Axial Wraith.

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It also has a storage trunk at the back. Pack outdoor rocking chair.

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