Knoll MultiGeneration Stool 2 B C S GENF03 X 2 RD Size Bar Height Knoll Authorized Retailer Flexible design built using insights gained from observing human behavior by Formway Design. The MultiGeneration Stool by Knoll has a natural, open design that provides a maximum of 270 degree freedom of movement while being seated and passive flex that promotes natural movement. The back is made of curved nylon with support for the lower back and perforated vent holes for excellent air circulation. The tolled top edge of the back doubles as an armrest in the seated position and as a convenient handle while moving the chair. Color Dark Red. $523.00

MultiGeneration by Knoll Light Task is a simple small scale task chair with a responsive open design that allows you to fidget to focus. The MultiGeneration by Knoll chair encourages natural movement and improved focus with optimal comfort. Knoll International 1 0s. A multipurpose chair that lets you sit how you want. Take this stacking ergonomic chair with you. Model BC Chair by Knoll Bassett for Knoll Inc Hubbardton Forge Collage Mini Pendant Light 188800 1031.

The stools have a flexible. Competitive prices free shipping. Knoll Boasting an extensive portfolio of products ranging from office work systems and residential Knoll Multigeneration Stool 2 C C S Genf01 X 3 On Size Counter Height Knoll Authorized Retailer.

Knoll MultiGeneration Light Task High Task Chair Knoll Multigeneration Stool 2 B C S Genf08 X 4 On Size Bar Height Knoll Authorized Retailer. Multigeneration Stool by Formway for Knoll.

MultiGeneration by Knoll Stools support multiple postures and a diversity of people in shared team and large group environments.

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MultiGeneration by Knoll encourages collaboration with a responsive open design that supports multiple.

Improved focus with optimal comfort.

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